How we work

We draw on our unique expertise and service capabilities to find, create and manage workspaces that support business strategy.

Our unique commercial model means that we:

Listen to our clients to understand their business strategy and ambitions.

Consult with them on the perfect property solution to support their business strategy, based on our market expertise.

Create bespoke, high-quality workspaces on brand, on budget and on time.

Manage clients’ workspaces and portfolios efficiently through best-in-class partners.

Evolve workspaces to support clients’ long-term needs and priorities.

We Listen

We listen to our clients to understand their business goals and strategies so that we can develop their perfect workspace.This could be supporting growth, entering new markets or implementing fast, flexible solutions to meet a specific project need.

This dialogue continues throughout the partnership and means that we deliver innovative property solutions that support clients’ business strategies.

We consult

By understanding our clients’ business goals and objectives, our team of specialists find, create and manage the perfect workspace - adding real value to their business.

We draw on our unparalleled network, service capabilities and our unique market knowledge to support clients in making more strategic and informed decisions.

We create

We develop high quality, tailored workspaces that are on brand, on budget and on time.

We take on the risk and cover up-front capital costs so our clients can be certain that projects will be delivered to their specifications.

Everything we deliver combines our expertise with a thorough understanding of our clients’ business, so it is always tailored to their needs and designed to flex.

We manage

Our commercial and innovative team of experts work as an extension of client teams – providing unrivalled market insight and delivering a low-risk service that relieves financial and time pressures.

This approach means clients have a single point of contact and that we are accountable for high-quality and timely delivery.

We evolve

With the rapid pace of technological change in today’s marketplace, no business can afford to remain static.

Because we work in partnership with our clients, we understand the need to evolve workspaces and incorporate flexibility into our solutions to support their long-term needs and priorities.