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Relaxation is key concern for Asia-Pacific office workers

Relaxation is key concern for Asia-Pacific office workers

 Download our latest report which delves into what really drives value for flexible workspace users in Asia-Pacific.
Asia Pacific Flex Market Snapshot 2020 background
Asia Pacific Flex Market Snapshot 2020
The Instant Group has released its latest research report on the Asia- Pacific flexible workspace industry.
Thursday, 11 April, 2019

Instant reveals the true value of co-working amenities in Asia Pacific

Across the world, there is a core focus on how and where we work – and what really adds value to the workplace.

Adopters of flexible workspace across Asia-Pacific are increasingly focusing on amenities within their workspace, with the press often focusing on non-work benefits of the various operator flex spaces available.

Instant’s recent research, in conjunction with The Executive Centre, explores what amenities and services available at flexible workspaces in the APAC region are adding value, and those that are simply nice to have.

What are the customer expectations from a workspace?

Despite a lot of press on the availability of free beer, child care and exercise spaces within workspace, it appears these amenities are no longer a pull for APAC flex users, and while a fitness space is important to nearly half of respondents, nearly 40% saw it as adding no value.

In fact, when it comes to non-work benefits, 80% of users indicated that having a designated relaxation space would add real value to their workspace.

Specific business-related seminars were also cited as important; over 70% of respondents indicated that an Accounting & Funding session would create additional value for their business, as well as interest in legal advice.

Living at work?

In the last 12 months there has been an increase in popularity towards living space within flexible centres – and it appears that in APAC this is exactly what they want with 85% of those surveyed indicating that they would see this as valuable, and 54% of those citing it would be highly valuable.

Asia-Pacific occupiers are spending increasingly longer hours within their workspace and blending work and leisure more than previous generations.

What adds value?
Competition in the flexible workspace market is rife, with greater investment in the Asia-Pacific region meaning operators are vying to attract and retain customers by increasing their offering constantly to add more value to users of their workspace.

In Asia-Pacific, our research suggests that the amenities that add most value to users are those seen in more traditional office environments; with 24-hour access and a bespoke office layout coming in as the most important features.

The increase in those wanting access to the office coincides with fewer people working the traditional 9 to 5 work day, therefore having access to the office at all times is becoming increasingly important.

Despite the heavy focus from the press on “fun” amenities, it appears that facilities like bars, childcare and pet friendly environments drove low rankings overall.
What does the future of amenities hold?

Instant’s research shows that many flexible workspace users do not have access to the many services and benefits of those in large companies – with many respondents expressing a desire for operators to start offering additional services such as health care, pensions and even child care facilities.

The data indicates that the provision of health services, either drop-in clinics or private healthcare, were seen as key value drivers.

Throughout the research there is a clear indication that the thing that adds the most value is, in fact, the core office features which contrasts with what is often depicted in the press.

As markets get more competitive, operators will be needing to focus on the core office feature as well as innovation in the provision of services to increase customer loyalty.

The Asia-Pacific flex market is one of the youngest in the global regions – but clients and customers have developed high expectations as to what they want from their workspace, which is the perfect blend of amenity and service.

Read the full report here

Download our latest report which delves into what really drives value for flexible workspace users in Asia-Pacific.


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