2017 - The Year Of Flexible Workspace

Friday, 3 November, 2017

Flexible workspace has become an increasingly popular way of working - and The Instant Group's latest review show just how much it's growing.

What is the dominating trend?
The biggest trend in flexible workspace is co-working and adoption of hybrid space. This style of working has continued to grow considerably this year, doubling since 2013, and now makes up a third of all flexible space across the world.
It’s become an approach to working considered forward thinking, and even larger corporate companies are starting to move to this style of working.
Co-working occupation continues to expand at a considerable pace.
Why is it changing?
Richard Taylor, of The Office Group, believes “the winners of the battle to attract and retain members will be the ones who offer something meaningfully different. Outside of the fundamentals - flexible contracts and great tasting coffee - companies are drawn to shared workspaces to attract key talent or to grow their business. A large, open space, some vintage desks and decent wi-fi just aren’t going to cut it anymore.”
People are now seeking more than just a workspace – but somewhere to network, enhance their skills and genuinely enjoy being there.

John Duckworth, MD of the Instant Group for the UK & EMEA said, “Commentators across the industry have taken note at this huge upsurge of businesses choosing co-working, or a more flexible workspace, in recent years. It’s a disruptive change to the norm – but a welcomed one which we expect to continue growing year-on-year as shown in our research. Businesses continue to change as innovation continues, the requirements of people adapt and millennials begin to pave the way of how they want to work. We expect that there will be new trends emerging in the next few years – but right now it’s hard to ignore the significance of co-working in the flexible workspace market.”
2017 - The Year Of Flexible Workspace
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