How to evaluate traditional space vs. flexible alternatives

Tuesday, November 26 , 2019

As choice in workplace providers continues to expand, The Instant Group has released a how to guide to evaluating the choice between traditional office space and flexible office space and how to deal with change in the workplace.

The Instant Group has released their latest report 'The Growth of Choice: Evaluating traditional space vs. flexible alternatives' providing a how to guide in deciding between these two corporate real estate solutions and how to manage change in the workplace. 

The global flexible workspace specialist with the oldest and largest set of data on the market boldly predicts that by 2023, 35 percent of real estate will be in flexible workspace. 

Defining flexible office space

Flexible office space is an umbrella term that refers to coworking, serviced office and hybrid office spaces. The perception is that flexible space is working at a communal table with people from various firms - the way you see people working on laptops at local coffee shops. Yet perception is not reality.

Sole coworking spaces provide a shared environment in which individuals from different companies work side-by-side. Hybrid spaces refer to operators that offer both coworking spaces and private offices throughout the building.

Change is Inevitable - Plan for It

Of a company’s total annual spend, 82 percent is on employees. Making an investment in change management is truly making an investment in your employees. High quality change management programs are six times as likely to meet project benchmarks. A change management plan is also key to finishing a project on time, therefore minimizing the costs with a project going long.

Maria Giesemann, Director at The Instant Group says, "There are major considerations when evaluating traditional versus flexible office space and it is critical to evaluate more than cost. Cultural needs must be part of the consideration. Detailing all your needs, from reception, internet, privacy and everything in between from the beginning will lead to a better evaluation. Comparing solely on square footage between a traditional office and a flexible one will not give you a full view." 

How to evaluate traditional space vs. flexible alternatives
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