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Instant delivers a turnkey, flexible managed office with an enhanced working environment.


With a serviced office licence expiry fast approaching, Highways England needed to find a new Manchester office, fast. But with a large number of other office projects underway, they needed additional resource to find and deliver the workspace on time.


To find, facilitate and fit-out a modern, on-brand and flexible workspace for 84 people within a 4-month delivery deadline.

  • Tight timescales necessitated an immediately available workspace
  • Resource was limited whilst the client’s real estate team was focused on delivering multiple sites elsewhere across the country
  • Uninspired with its incumbent serviced office, Highways England was keen to deliver an improved working environment, look and feel in its new workspace – to retain and attract the best talent
  • From a budget perspective, Highways England had scope to spend CAPEX, but needed to keep OPEX figures as low as possible – and deliver good value overall
  • Combining market insight and local relationships, Instant provided a shortlist of workspaces aligned to Highways England’s specification
  • Instant sourced an office with a smart residual fit-out already in situ, allowing us to invest more budget in the overall workspace layout and aesthetics rather than workstations
  • Instant delivered a turnkey managed office solution in a 7,514 sq.ft. workspace comprising: 
  • 3-week, high-speed fit-out completed to enable occupancy within the required timescales
  • Bespoke interior design, furnishings and materials including open plan desks and  ample breakout space
  • Increase speed to market: Instant delivered the space in 4 months, where self delivery would have taken 6-8 months, including an accelerated 3-week bespoke fit-out.
  • Enhance financial performance: Instant’s ability to deliver tailored commercials was hugely beneficial, enabling Highways England to increase CAPEX and reduce OPEX in line with its planned budget.
  • Attract, retain and enable talent: The improved working environment and office aesthetic has had a big impact on staff wellbeing, creating a workspace to be proud of.
  • Inject agility into enterprise: Low-risk, flexible solution with a 5-year term.

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