Análisis del mercado de los productos flexibles en Francia en 2020

martes, 19 enero, 2021

A pesar del confinamiento mundial, la oferta de espacios flexibles aumentó en toda Francia durante 2020. Descubra cómo ha resistido el mercado francés de espacios flexibles los últimos 12 meses y qué ciudades se han comportado mejor durante el año más difícil para el sector.

This has been an extraordinarily difficult year with France, and Paris in particular, impacted by very strict lockdown conditions. This has had an obvious impact on the city centre markets and the ability of firms to trade from urban hubs.

There has been an uptick in interest in other, more rural locations, however, the French market does not have the supply of centres, as yet, to benefit those looking for space in those areas.

This looks like it will change in time as many workers have realised that they can work further afield. It is a demand-side trend that Instant has seen across many markets during 2020 and it points to a real opportunity for those operators that feel their model can be replicated in new, alternative locations.

Análisis del mercado de los productos flexibles en Francia en 2020
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