Incendium 10: Giving Your Workplace Portfolio True Purpose

Monday, 22 January, 2024

Our recent survey found that 28% of occupiers globally cite improving office utilization as the biggest real estate challenge they are facing.

This piece explores how organizations can give their workplace portfolio an actual purpose to boost utilization while focusing on people, cost, and carbon. In an attempt to cater to different employee needs, the term “hybrid work” has become a widely adopted phrase and is interpreted in many ways.

However, we see consistency in what the hybrid work policy is trying to achieve; increasing flexibility, employee experience, company culture, productivity, and talent retention alongside an intentional reduction of under-utilized, largely standardized workspaces. We are seeing a shift to fewer, most likely smaller, high-quality and purposefully developed workspaces dialed into those who use them.

In realizing this shift, savings are unlocked, emissions are reduced, and most importantly, the office, now based on what is important to employees and the organization they work for, becomes an asset.

Download the fifth article in our Incendium 10 series to find out more.

Incendium 10: Giving Your Workplace Portfolio True Purpose
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