Incendium 10: Revolution of the Supply Chain

Monday, 20 November, 2023

Improving corporate real estate supply chains can be transformational, but the gains won't appear overnight. This article shares how CRE teams can start thinking differently about what is possible within their supply chains, presenting opportunities to create value-driven change.

Transforming corporate real estate (CRE) supply chains is gaining traction among agile companies, with Incendium actively supporting several in achieving business-focused outcomes like Net Zero carbon targets and enhanced workplace experience.

The transformation challenges conventional supply chain practices, extending beyond efficiency to prioritize human, asset, social, and environmental goals, compelling both clients and suppliers to innovate.

Companies unwilling to challenge their supply chains risk limiting the delivery of broader CRE outcomes; however, those embracing change and persevering can differentiate themselves with high-performing CRE supply chains focused on value, flexibility, and innovation.

Incendium 10: Revolution of the Supply Chain
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