Ask the CRExpert, Episode 2: Unlocking the Strategic Value of Proactive Workspace

Wednesday, June 5 , 2024

In the second podcast of our three-part BPO special, we explore how strategic workspace management can drive significant value and success for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO).

Join me, John Williams, CMO at The Instant Group, and guest speaker and BPO expert, Alistair Niederer, as we discuss how BPO and Captive businesses alike can proactively enhance their workspace strategies to stay competitive, improve employee output, and adapt to the evolving demands of remote and flexible work environments.



  • How do BPOs proactively unlock strategic value in workspaces?
  • Can BPOs stay ahead in the talent war with an agile office portfolio?
  • Are BPOs using data to measure the value and cost-effectiveness of their properties?
  • Do better locations and conditions drive higher employee output in the BPO sector?
  • Do flexible workspaces offer BPOs more options by spreading upfront costs over the office lifecycle?
  • How crucial is speed to service in the BPO industry?
  • Where do you see BPOs balancing between remote work and returning to the office for their staff?


Listen to the full episode below...



John Williams
John Williams brings extensive experience in the commercial property market to The Instant Group after joining in 2015 to spearhead our marketing team and support the rapid growth of the business both on and offline.
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