Ask the CRExperts, Episode 1: Bracing for the Impact of AI on BPO’s Property Portfolio

Tuesday, June 4 , 2024

Welcome to Ask the CRExperts, the podcast that covers everything related to corporate real estate and flexible workspaces.

Hosted by myself, John Williams, CMO at The Instant Group, we’re starting the series with a three-part special on outsourcing and offshoring. In each episode, we'll discuss a major challenge that Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Captive businesses face when managing their property portfolios, and we'll aim to provide tangible solutions.

In the first episode, we examine how AI is transforming outsourcing and offshoring. I am joined by BPO expert Alistair Niederer, who provides insights on expected changes in workforce dynamics, shifts in office space requirements, and offers advice on how businesses can adapt to stay flexible.



  • Are BPO businesses prepared for the significant reduction in job types and changes in work locations due to AI?
  • How does maintaining human interactions in BPO services enhance the office environment?
  • Are any outsourcing businesses already preparing for AI by altering skill sets and shifting locations?
  • Is AI a threat or an opportunity for both the CRE (Corporate Real Estate) and BPO industries?
  • Will AI render offices obsolete, or will it drive businesses to seek better spaces in optimal environments?
  • When will AI's real influence on the BPO industry begin to manifest?


Listen to the full episode below...



John Williams
John Williams brings extensive experience in the commercial property market to The Instant Group after joining in 2015 to spearhead our marketing team and support the rapid growth of the business both on and offline.
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