In Pursuit of Productivity: What's the Most Optimal Workspace Environment?

Thursday, February 22 , 2024

With only 27% of people in our recent study rating their productivity as excellent when working from home, the question arises of what type of workspace is most optimal for output.

Productivity isn’t just about working harder; it’s about working smarter. In today’s fast-paced business landscape, teams are continuously seeking ways to optimise productivity in the workplace, especially ones that are primarily remote.

Productivity is influenced by a range of factors, from cultivating a positive workplace culture to creating a well-designed workspace with functional spaces and leveraging the latest technologies.

Our latest research of over 200 workspace occupiers found that empowering workers with greater choice and autonomy over how and where they work can make a major difference in productivity – with coworking spaces inspiring the best output and performance.

The choice between home and office is not enough

The hybrid working choice that most workers are currently faced with is between working from home or working from the company office. However, our research shows that only 27% of people rate their productivity as excellent when working from home.

By contrast, 45% rate their productivity as excellent when working in a coworking environment, and 44% as excellent in a traditional office setting.

% represents the percentage of employees who indicated that their productivity is excellent in each workplace environment.

By utilising the diverse market of alternative workspaces, companies can provide workers with what they really want – a workspace option beyond their home offices. Coworking spaces provide workers with all the advantages that the home office has to offer, but with the added advantage of increased productivity.

If given full choice over where to work, our research shows that ideally people want to spend 31% of their work week in a coworking space, compared to just 23% at home.

With these findings, it makes sense that companies are now increasingly exploring new workspace options within their portfolios, often through right-sizing core offices and reinvesting in alternative workspaces.

Commute time and age are key influencers

Commute time and age have the biggest impact on how workers rate their productivity within different work environments. Workers with a commute time of over an hour to the company office and workers aged over 45 rated their productivity significantly higher in a coworking space compared to other working environments (53% and 42% respectively).

Long commutes consume a significant portion of the day, which can lead to stress, fatigue, and burnout, impacting productivity in a negative way. By improving office accessibility through the use of alternative workspaces closer to where employees live, people can reduce commute times and boost their productivity.

Employees aged 45 and above, who often find themselves balancing multiple work and personal commitments, experience a notable increase in productivity when utilising coworking spaces. These spaces empower them to take control over their work schedules and environments, giving them the flexibility to choose where and when they work.

Productivity is not merely a measure of output, but a reflection of the overall effectively and efficiency of an organisation. By offering people access to a variety of work environments, teams can significantly enhance their productivity and lead to overall happier people.



Data within the report is compiled from The Instant Group’s Workspace Occupier Survey of over 200 workspace occupiers conducted in Q4 2023.

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