Sustainability as a Magnet: Drawing People to Flexible Workspaces

Wednesday, March 6 , 2024

Embracing sustainability in flexible workspaces not only aligns with environmental concerns but also drives demand and enhances the overall workspace experience, making it a strategic imperative for workspace providers.

Today’s workers are more aware of and concerned about environmental issues than ever before. Businesses, too, have realized the key role they play in achieving Net Zero, leading to a global push for more sustainable practices from the top down. 

Sustainability is no longer a choice or a feature that’s nice to have; rather, it’s proving to be both an operational imperative and a smart business move. People now expect their workplaces to commit to environmental practices, which makes it even more critical for owners and operators of office spaces to embrace sustainability.

By showcasing positive sustainability practices, workspace operators can stand out from the competition in a significant way. In fact, there are several outcomes that operators can expect after engaging with sustainability in a meaningful way — including attracting new occupiers and driving demand.


A 2022 report by The Instant Group found that leased (or traditional) offices create 158% more emissions per occupier than flexible workspaces in a pilot study. Specifically, a flexible workspace has an average emissions of 1 unit of CO2e per m2 compared to 49 units of CO2e per m2 in a leased office. 

Knowing this, it is clear that flexible workspaces will continue to grow in appeal for occupiers, who will be looking for spaces that emit the lowest amount of carbon emissions. Flexible layouts that take this on board and prioritize sustainable features — such as natural lighting, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable materials — will drive demand from new occupiers by offering an enhanced, ESG-focused experience.

Moreover, Gen Z and Millennial workers are increasingly seeking employment opportunities from businesses that showcase a positive sustainability performance. As these age groups become the majority of the global workforce, businesses that report on their ESG practices and choose offices with environmental certifications are more likely to attract talent. 

Demonstrating a commitment to sustainability goals is a business imperative for workspace operators and occupiers alike. To learn about the other outcomes that operators can take advantage of by adopting sustainable practices, check out our eBook, Embracing Sustainability: Strategies for Workspace Operators.

Further, learn how The Instant Group’s Sustainability Index can help operators and occupiers make better choices that align with long-term sustainability goals here.

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