rethink efficiency

How Instant is Rethinking Workspace for this global technology company, driving efficiency and savings across its business via the effective management of its multi-location portfolio.


Our client had a large global portfolio of flexible office locations, but was finding them increasingly expensive and time consuming to manage.

  • To drive more consistency and efficiency across the portfolio, without increasing costs
  • 56 serviced office locations spread across multiple regions, namely the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific
  • Lack of strategic and consistent approach to workspace, often resulting in sub-optimal locations or costly acquisitions/renewals
  • Dissatisfied with some of its current serviced office providers
  • Internal real estate team needed additional local market expertise to assist with contract negotiations and ensure best market rates
  • Faced with ever-increasing rents, the client was seeking cost efficiencies
  • Instant assessed the client’s entire property portfolio, benchmarking existing locations and identifying areas to drive further efficiencies and cost savings
  • Instant implemented a more proactive and consistent overall approach to workspace strategy, helping the client achieve its commercial goals
  • Instant provided the client with a dedicated Account Manager to oversee the entire portfolio, managing the contracts, negotiations and renewals for every global location
  • The client was so impressed with our service that we took on two additional locations for them
“Instant does an outstanding job in benchmarking new and managing existing office locations, offering worthwhile solutions and negotiating the best rates for us for our serviced office renewals, relocations and expansions.”
  • Focus on core: Liaising with a single point of contact for its entire flexible office portfolio leaves our client free to focus on delivering business for its customers.
  • Leverage actionable insight: Utilising market insights and operator contacts, Instant identifies the most suitable locations and secures the best available rates in each market
  • Enhance financial performance: Instant has saved the client almost $2 million in rent over five years.
  • Inject agility into enterprise: The client relies on Instant’s swift and professional service – we have never missed a deadline.

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