Instant finds a creative solution to this workspace conundrum

Wednesday, 9 October, 2019

Global Energy Company - Rethink Agility

Instant finds a creative solution to this global energy company’s non-core project workspace conundrum, delivering a futurized workspace to engage talent and drive productivity.


This global energy firm was delivering an oil project in the Northern North and Southern North Seas out of a modular workspace in Great Yarmouth. With the modular building getting tired and coming to the end of its tenure, the client needed to move its project team to a new workspace as quickly as possible - but had limited resource to manage this non-core project. Instant stepped in to help the client find a fast, flexible and creative solution.


To find a new project workspace to accommodate up to 200 people close to the existing premises in Great Yarmouth, and at minimal risk to the client.

  • Limited internal resource, due to the project sitting outside of client’s central real estate governance
  • Proximity to client’s existing Great Yarmouth location was important, but property stock was limited
  • Sufficient staff parking was critical to minimise travel disruption
  • To future-proof against shifting project completion dates, ensuring flexibility through an extendable 5-year lease
  • Current sub-standard workspace was adversely impacting the engagement of a skilled workforce
  • Client wanted a solution that reduced responsibility, risk and liability for the delivery of this non-core project space
  • Instant benchmarked the whole market, covering serviced, leased, modular and off-market options to find a viable building
  • Alongside this, we looked at potential sites to build modular car parks, eventually advising the client to split parking across 3-4 locations for commercial advantage
  • Our experts advised on best practice in office design and agile working to drive wellbeing and efficiency
  • Instant delivered a 16,791 sq.ft. managed solution comprising:
    • Two floors in a central Great Yarmouth location
    • A mini RFP process to ensure best value on design & build
    • Instant worked at risk on-site for 4 weeks prior to final procurement approvals to ensure we hit the move-in deadline for our client
  • Leverage actionable insight: Combining market insight and local relationships, Instant was able to procure space for the client in an area with limited options
  • Focus on core: Instant took on the management and delivery risk for this project, enabling the client to focus on core business
  • Enhance financial  performance: Instant was able to reduce the client’s CAPEX sum by almost 50% by part funding it and amortising it over the term
  • Strengthen and differentiate brand: Opportunity to apply best-practice office design and create a vibrant, dynamic and future-proofed space
  • Attract, retain and enable talent: Instant created a working environment to complement the behaviour and activities of the teams on the ground, ultimately driving wellbeing and productivity
"Thanks for all your hard work in this project, we are so happy at our new office - we probably have the best office in Great Yarmouth!"
Project Assistant
Our client: An international energy company with expertise in the exploration, production, refining and marketing of oil and natural gas, and the manufacturing and marketing of chemicals. Our client has an average of 86,000 employees in more than 70 countries.
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