Coworking – The misunderstood child of the property industry
Coworking has been the buzz word of the commercial property industry for some time; the name put to the disruption of an industry that has redefined the sub-leasing market across the globe.
The implications of flexible working for investors
Investors are looking for more niche, fast-growing real estate areas, to maintain returns. Increasingly, they see opportunities in the flexible office sector, argues John Williams.
The Midwest - is this the next major growth market for flexible space?
The US market for flexible space showed sensational growth last year - but where will grow rapidly next?
Eddie Jones, Warren Buffet and Planning for the Future
Matt Dawson shares his thoughts on succession in the business and professional rugby world.
Are we moving towards a more client-orientated office market?
Instant met with Kevin Aitchison, CEO, Knight Frank Investment Management (KFIM), one of the leading figures in UK property fund management to hear his thoughts on the UK real estate market.
The key to leadership and change – agility
Two weeks makes all the difference to the critics as the English rugby team is now reborn, having been written off earlier in the winter - Matt Dawson
The Commercial Real Estate Market is Fundamentally Misunderstanding Co-Working
The commercial real estate market has experienced so much media hype around WeWork that it's led to co-working being misunderstood - and this matters for landlords and investors.
GCUC comes to London
GCUC London delved into the key topics surrounding the London flexible workspace market.
In Conversation with Neil Usher
Neil has published his very well received book ‘The Elemental Workplace’, in which he set outs his manifesto to break down the creation of workplace into its essential elements and demystify the subject